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Mast Circle Tattoo Machine Power Supply OLED


This tattoo machine power supply incorporates Mast’s new design concept to create an efficient and easy-to-use power supply.

Easy to Use: The Mast Circle can work with or without a foot pedal. Just Press the round panel to control start and stop, when there is no foot pedal. Turn the round panel to adjust the voltage.

Anti-tired & Non-anti-tired: There are two modes of this power. When inserting the foot pedal, Press the circular panel once and b1 is displayed, indicating that the anti-tired mode is enabled ; Press the circular panel again, and b2 will be displayed, indicating the non-anti-tired mode.

Type-C Port: More stable voltage when working with the Type-C power supply port. It also has wider adaptability so you can use your existing TYPE-C charging device without worrying about finding the charging cable.

Mast tattoo power supply comfortable and safe to use, small and elegant appearance, easy to carry.It is compatible with traditional coil and rotary tattoo pen machines.

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