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KEEP Anti-Aging Pigment Care – 30ml


KEEP pigmented eyebrows and eyeliners looking perfect. No added perfume or other substances that can irritate the skin.

After just a few applications, the skin quality, cell density and firmness of the skin are noticeably improved. Thanks to the LIFTONIN®-XPERT active ingredient complex (in the highest possible dosage), dermal firmness is effectively improved (in-vitro study) and collagen density is doubled (in-vivo study). Fine hairlines and contours remain visible for longer. The brilliance of the colours is retained. In addition, KEEP also provides lasting support for the skin in the healing process.

TIP: KEEP is not just suitable for permanent makeup, but can of course also be used for all tattoos to maintain the clarity of lines and brilliance of colours.

Application: Apply thinly in the morning and evening after cleansing. Suitable for all skin types, especially recommended for pigmented and tattooed skin areas to maintain the lines and brilliance of the colours

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